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Family announces reunion

The families of Andreas/Hannah Solberg, Christian, Cecilia (Erickson) Olai, Hans, Hilda (Sommervald), Alma (Erickson), (Nils Herman, Clara, Jorgan and Hanna Johnson and Alethe) Anderson, Live Leverson (Olson), Karelius, Karen Carrie Haug (Anderson) and Daniel, Cora Anderson, Russell, Norman, Lester, Helmer Anderson D. Tangen and Hanna Karlsson, Sigrid Danielson, Hjalmer Danielson, Albin Danielson, Hilda Danielson (Nelmer Nelson) Carl Tangen, Delphin Danielson, Didrick Danielson, Carrie Danielson (Nordstrom) and Martin Tangen are planning a reunion Aug. 29-30 in Rollag. If you are a family member or friend who would like to attend, contact Connie at 218-937-5440 (Minnesota) or Brenda Armstrong at 306-249-4949 (Saskatchewan, Canada), or e-mail