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Temporary four-way stop signs to go up at Willow Street and Highway 59 intersection

Expect to stop at the intersection of Highway 59 South, Willow Street and Long Lake Road.

As a short-term fix to the problem intersection, the Minnesota Department of Transportation is installing a four-way stop to help control traffic. The signs will be installed Monday or Tuesday, weather permitting.

Temporary message signs will also be installed to warn motorists of the new four-way stop, and pavement markings and rumble strips will also be added.

A safety study is being conducted on the possibility of a long-term fix of either signal lights or a roundabout, but for now, stop signs will serve the purpose.

"We do plan to put in a four-way stop as a short-term safety improvement because they are relatively inexpensive (and) they are very safe," MnDOT Traffic Engineer Tom Swenson said.

With a short-term fix likely comes a long-term fix in the future. Not wanting to wait for traffic signals, or whatever solution there will be for the Highway 50 South and Willow Street intersection, MnDOT and the city have decided to take a safety step forward now.

"It does look promising for a more substantial fix out there -- a signal or roundabout or something like that," Swenson said. "I'll know more later on this fall after we complete the study."

The MnDOT safety study will provide engineers with more details and a recommendation for a permanent fix at the intersection.

Something more than a four-way stop will be needed at the intersection, Swenson added.

"Detroit Lakes is a growing area and this is where we find those types of activity that need a change," he said.