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Troopers 'evaluate' driver skill

Question 1: Is there a program to retrain or evaluate many younger drivers? I see them on the roads as the most inattentive of all drivers, rude, text messaging, cell phones, tail gating and road rage.

Answer 1: Yes there is an evaluation process for "drivers" in MN. Under our law "age" alone is not a factor in determining a person's driving ability. The things you listed are done by many drivers in Minnesota and not just young drivers.

All drivers conducting themselves in the illegal and dangerous manners you described don't need to be evaluated on driving ability. They have the ability, they just chose to do something and if that something is in violation of MN law then I think it is best to give them the ticket. Usually a $100+ fine gets the driver's attention.

Then again some drivers need to get the ticket two or three times before it sinks in. No problem, the captain likes it when we write lots tickets.

Question 2: Why are motorcycles allowed to operate with the loud pipes?

Answer 2: Legally speaking they are not. Talk to your local officers about this matter and I will talk to the captain and see if he can send a reminder out to the troopers.

Parents don't just hand over the keys to your new driver. Please take the time to ride with them and let them gain experience before allowing them to face the dangers of a public road on their own.

If you have any questions concerning traffic related laws in Minnesota send your questions to Trooper Andy Schmidt, Minnesota State Patrol, 1000 Highway 10 West, Detroit Lakes, MN 56501-2205, or e-mail