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Detroit Lakes Crazy Days

As tradition goes, on the first Tuesday of August, Aug. 4 this year, Washington Avenue is lined with goods.

Since the beginning of the bartering system, humanity has loved to strike a deal. For the past 52 years, that adoration of shelling out the mere minimum amount of bills and bucks, goats and chickens, or big round wheels and pretty young women has been inherent in Detroit Lakes' Crazy Days.

The first Tuesday of every August marks the day when Washington Avenue is closed down to traffic and opened up to stores ready to liquidate their wares and shoppers set to stock up on theirs - without drying out savings accounts and retirement funds in the process.

This year, Tuesday, Aug. 4, will see a full 12 hours of a thrifty shopper's paradise when one of the summer's craziest days takes over downtown Detroit Lakes from 7 a.m. to p.m. Just as in past years, food vendors will also take their places along Washington to feed hungry shoppers famished from carrying around both abundantly filled bags and nearly full pocketbooks.

Whether there's an item you need or you plan on shopping around until you find something that you can't live without, head downtown for 2009's Crazy Day sale.

You can leave the cattle prod and your daughter's dowry at home.