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Woodbury man sues to save home

Johnson Sendolo, 3218 Leyland Trail, joined a class-action lawsuit challenging the administration of a federal mortgage modification program, from which he says he was denied participation without explanation or ability to appeal.

WOODBURY -- A Woodbury man who lost his house to foreclosure is among homeowners suing to block foreclosures in Minnesota.

Johnson Sendolo bought his Leyland Trail home in 2005, but later lost his job and fell behind in his mortgage payments. He sought loan assistance, but was wrongly denied participation in the federal government's Home Affordable Modification Program, according to a class-action lawsuit filed Tuesday by the St. Paul-based Foreclosure Relief Law Project.

Sendolo and a Brooklyn Park woman are plaintiffs in the suit, which names the U.S. Treasury Department, its secretary and other federal government agencies as defendants.

The suit alleges that Sendolo qualified for the federal program, but his application was rejected. The program was created by the Obama administration earlier this year to allow financially struggling homeowners to refinance their mortgage terms and obtain a more affordable monthly payment.

Sendolo was a good candidate for a loan modification because at the time of his application he was earning income through a new job, but was denied without an explanation, according to the lawsuit. The complaint claims Sendolo's due process rights under the Constitution were violated.

Sendolo's home was sold at a sheriff's sale in June and if he cannot pay back his loan he must move from the house by the end of the year, according to the lawsuit.

"The whole process has been confusing and stressful," the suit claims.

The case was filed Tuesday in federal district court in Minneapolis.