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Meeting on high water Aug. 31

A meeting regarding the LaBelle/Boyer lakes high water problem between Lake Park and Audubon will be held 7:30 p.m. Aug. 31 in the Lake Park Community Center.

In other news from the Buffalo Red River Watershed District: 

• The Grove Lake Outlet project in northwestern Otter Tail County is fully operational.  The lake is down approximately 18 inches from its all-time high. The outlet pipe will continue to operate unless there are downstream flooding conditions, or until it reaches the design water level.

• The watershed district authorized $20,000 to the Becker Soil and Water Conservation District to assist with the installation of conservation practices within Becker County and the BRRWD. Funding will be good for the period of 2009-2010. 

• Repair work is scheduled to start on Becker County Ditch No. 15.  The area has finally become dry enough to do the work.  Mattson Excavating, Inc. was hired as the contractor.