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Future Pine-to-Palmers finish season

The Detroit Lakes Youth Golf program completed yet another successful season at the Detroit Country Club Lakeview Golf Course in 2009.

The Detroit Lakes Youth Golf program recently completed another successful year.

For six Tuesdays in June and July, 101 young golfers participated at the Lakeview Golf Course.

Lessons were given each week by Mark Holm, the DCC's golf pro and assisted by Bob Gorden, Jim Buchholz, and Vern Schnathorst.

The Juniors then went out on the course to play either 3,5,7,9 or 18 holes of golf.

The season ended with a family picnic, fun golf and awards program.

Records date back to 1967 for the Junior program. At that time it was called Teen-Age Golf and was open to sixth through eighth graders.

There were 22 boys and girls registered that year. The first committee included Gerrie Rutledge, Muriel Given, Arlene Restad, Mary Kapphaun, Dolly Tovson and Eloise Invire. While George Warner gave the golfers lessons.

More recently, the Junior Golf program was re-organized by Madalyn Sukke and then headed by Jayne Thielen.

If you know someone not currently in the program that would like to be on next year's mailing list, please feel free to contact Linda Mallow at 218-863-2230.

Junior results

Detroit Lakes Junior Golf

Tournament Results 2009

3 Hole Girls - Championship Flight:

1st Josie Harrier, 22

2nd Randa Larsen, 23

3rd McKenna Krengel, 34

3rd Willa Larsen, 34

3 Hole Girls - First Flight

1st Lauren Tschider, 16

2nd Shannara Wheeler, 21

3rd Madison Herzog, 27

3rd Dannah Nephew, 27

3 Hole Girls - 2nd Flight

1st Johanna Jernberg, 20

2nd Brittany Ginnaty, 21

3rd Rachael Ianiro, 22

Medals: Chloe Dallmann, Emily Freeh, Christianna Freeh, Carly Fritz, Anna Payne.

5 Hole Girls - Championship Flight

1st Abby Schramel, 28

2nd Halle Jordan, 32

3rd Andrea Brogren, 36

Medals: Hanna Jenson, Madison Ring, Kyra Vagle, Sophie Wood.

7 Hole Girls - Championship Flight

1st Lindsey Beisner, 40

1st Naomi Larson, 40

3rd Tarissa Wheeler, 53

9 Hole Girls - Championship Flight

1st Kate Smith, 41

2nd Sydney Busker, 46

3rd Ayla Erickson, 55

Medal: Emma Thompson

18 Hole Girls -Championship Flight

1st Matlyn Tschider, 80

3 Hole Boys - Championship Flight

1st Tracy Osvak, 14

2nd Jay Nielsen, 16

2nd Jacob Noll, 16

Medals: Dylan Aafeldt, Matthew Ashland, Ben Blanchard, Jacob Bren, Shawn Jameson.

3 Hole Boys - First Flight

1st Collin Ginnaty, 14

2nd Brady Murphy, 15

3rd Carson Disse, 16

Medals: Sam Beck, Micah Beisner, Patrick Soyring, Ryan Wheeler, Ricky Zertuche.

3 Hole Boys - Second Flight

1st Ryan Soyring, 17

2nd Eli Brooks, 18

2nd Austin Lafriniere, 18

Medals: Jon Bode, Derek Gray, Aaron McCullum, Jacob Retz

5 Hole Boys - Championship Flight

1st Alex Jameson, 30

2nd Zach Buboltz, 35

2nd Jacob Kimball, 35

Medals: Cade Benson, Adam Daggett, Kris Frank, Jake Kerzman, Aaron Schnathorst, Trey Seebold, Jake Sherbrooke.

7 Hole Boys - Championship Flight

1st John Wiebolt, 33

2nd Anthony Meyer, 36

3rd Lance Singer, 36

Medals: Isaac Cihak, Bobby Johnson, Trey Lyngaas, Sam Priem.

7 Hole Boys - First Flight

1st Brett Nephew, 39

1st Ben Unruh, 39

1st Carson Tunheim, 39

Medals: Sam Busker, Zane Freeman, Austin Nelson, Ben Nordmark, Christian Tunheim, Ryan Paskey.

9 Hole Boys -Championship Flight

1st Tanner Schnathorst, 48

2nd Reid Lakin, 55

3rd Nick Nordmark, 67

Medal: Peter Mark

18 Hole Boys -Championship Flight

1st Ben Mallow, 84

2nd Corbin Duncan, 110

Junior Golfers advancing levels for next year are as follows;

3 to 5 Holes -

Randa Larsen, Shannara Wheeler, Micah Beisner, Eli Brooks, Ricky Zertuche.

5 to 7 Holes -

Alex Jameson, Abby Schramel.

7 to 9 Holes -

Lindsey Beisner, Issac Cihak.

9 to 18 Holes -

Tanner Schnathorst