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Dairy Research and Promotion Council seeks candidates

The Minnesota Dairy Research and Promotion Council is seeking candidates to run for board positions in 11 statewide districts.

Candidates will represent dairy farmers in their district, and make decisions regarding the expenditure of dairy check-off funds. Candidates should be active dairy farmers who are well-informed members of their community and interested in check-off promotion programs.

Interested candidates in District 3, which represents Becker, Cass, Wadena, Clay and Hubbard counties, should contact Brian Kimm, the local nomination chair, at 218-863-4211 by Oct. 15.

Following the Oct. 15 deadline, contact the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, Promotion Councils, 625 Robert Street N., St. Paul, MN 55155 or call Ruth at 651-201-6494 to request candidate information.

Submissions for this request must be made to the Department of Agriculture by Dec. 3, 2009.

Election ballots will be mailed in January to decide the two-year terms.