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Golfers 'chip in' for Humane Society

The Humane Society of the Lakes received a big boost -- in the form of a $2,750 check -- Tuesday, thanks to the help of a Vergas animal lover and avid golfer.

Shawn Day used the inaugural Billy Day Memorial tournament held Aug. 8 in Motley -- that brought 55 golfers and a dozen volunteers together -- to help the Humane Society.

Day has staged personal golf tournaments for the past 11 years and this year was special since the tournament's namesake died in March in a car accident.

Casandra Vigesaa-Disse, business manager for the Humane Society of the Lakes, said that the donation is nearly half of the shelter's operating costs for one month.

"It goes a long way," Vigesaa-Disee said.

Day said that he's donated to the Humane Society in the past and felt that the tournament would be a good way to raise more money for the cause.

"I just decided it would be a good spot for the money to go," Day said.

Vigesaa-Disse said that the shelter has seen a small increase in the number of animals it has taken in because of the recession.

"People do not have the funds to care for their own (animals)," she said. "We've seen an increase in our needing to take in animals."

The Humane Society of the Lakes runs entirely on community support, she said.

"We continually need funds to purchase food, vet supplies, bedding, spay and neutering," Vigesaa-Disse said. "Anything in regards to the care of the animals, we require funds for that."

The Billy Day Memorial won't be a one-off event, since Day plans to expand it next year. The date is also set -- Aug. 7, 2010.

"Hopefully we can max out our numbers at 72, which shouldn't be a problem," Day said. "Hopefully the funds will increase from there from what we can donate."