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Dilworth water tower renovation leads to dust-up with neighbors

Work continues Tuesday on renovations to the water tower in Dilworth. (Carrie Snyder/The Forum)

DILWORTH -- An ongoing renovation of the Dilworth water tower has irked nearby residents who say that dust and debris from the project have covered their property.

DeLoughery Painting Co., of Burlington, N.D., was contracted by Dilworth officials to repaint the city's water tower, and recently used abrasive sand to remove existing paint.

Nearby residents voiced concern this week that dust had been falling on their homes, and the city is using a claims process to address concerns, City Engineer Dan Hanson said.

Hanson said the dust is not harmful and, because of budgetary reasons, city officials left it up to the contractor whether a curtain would be used to contain any painting debris.

The contract with DeLoughery Painting Co. requires the contractor to clean any mess and pay for any damage done to nearby properties if a curtain wasn't used, Hanson said.

City officials are working to ease residents' concerns through a claims process that will be forwarded to the contractor.

Residents should make claims in writing to Dilworth City Hall, 2 1st Ave. S.E., and the contractor will sort out which properties need cleaning or what damages need to be paid, at the contractor's expense, Hanson said.

"We're working between the residents and the contractor to make sure they fulfill their contract obligations of repairing any damages," Hanson said.

He added that Dilworth council members apologized to residents this week, indicating they want better communication with residents.

Painting of the water tower is set to be finished by Sept. 30, and Hanson said officials don't expect any more dust or debris from the tower to fall on adjacent properties.