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Wearing seat belts rewarded

Detroit Lakes Mayor Matt Brenk signed a proclamation, stating Sept. 6-12, 2009, as Buckle Up For Safety and Lives Week.

During Labor Day week, a campaign urging drivers and their passengers to wear seat belts was conducted by the local law enforcement and Dr. Wilson to improve safety during a time of heavy holiday travel.

Citizens who were wearing seat belts were rewarded during the campaign for their safety awareness.

The proclamation, in part, read: "Public attention is needed to improve the use of seatbelts to save lives and reduce serious Injuries.

"On average, 115 people are killed daily in traffic accidents.

"Four million Americans are seriously injured in traffic accidents every year, many of them permanently.

"Estimates are that 80 percent of Americans buckle up. U.S. highway safety officials estimate that if that number could be increased to 100 percent, some 30,000 lives could be saved each year and 2,000,000 injuries prevented or reduced in severity.

"The resulting reduction in medical and other expenditures would be in the billions of dollars.

"The use of seat belts can save lives and reduce injuries."

Tom Wilson, chairman of the Buckle Up for Safety and Lives Committee of Becker County and Detroit Lakes Police Officers are out on holiday weekends, rewarding those who wear their seat belts. This is the first phase in a five phase program to help improve public safety and make the public more aware of the importance of seat belt use.

Ten people are randomly selected to receive $10 and a T-shirt for wearing their seat belt.