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Bring the outdoors In

The living room of the Chivers home.1 / 9
Although it's the lakeside of the home, DelRae calls it the front. Either way, it has a large porch.2 / 9
In the dining room, candles act as a centerpiee, and wine glasses fill the cabinets behind.3 / 9
Wood paneling is on nearly every wall in the home, but it's broken up by copious amounts of windows and DelRae's taste for pizzazz, like the modern art above the fireplace.4 / 9
In the guesthouse, brown and teal geometric carpeting is echoed on the walls, which also showcase Jack's Pittsburgh memorabilia.5 / 9
A wraparound driveway leads to the Chivers home.6 / 9
DelRae said she designed the quilt on the king-size bed and used built-in cabinets as a headboard.7 / 9
The modern master bath features a vintage-style tub, as well as sparkly granite countertops and ceramic tile.8 / 9
In the kitchen, DelRae designed herself a see-through cabinet, in the style of TV cook Rachael Ray, she said.9 / 9

Jack and DelRae Chivers are known as real estate darlings in the Detroit Lakes area, so it's no surprise that their own home sits in an ideal location and features pretty details in every room.

The home sits on Detroit Lake near Long Bridge Resort, nestled between a small bay where they keep their dock in all year round, and the larger part of the lake.

It's perfect, DelRae said, because the trees naturally clear to offer both sunrise and sunset views.

"Jack bought this place in the 70s, and I applaud him for nabbing this property," she said. "He definitely nailed the location."

The exterior of the rambler-style house is a deepgrey, done with a maintenance-free concrete siding, and a red roof.

Inside, an open floor plan feels even more open - the walls are nearly all windows, capturing wildlife and lake views.

"When we redid some of this last winter, we really wanted to exploit the location and use this park environment with the nature everywhere," DelRae said.

With so many windows, it's easy to miss the fact that the walls are all covered in wood paneling, another nod to nature.

"It's like a non-décor décor," DelRae said. "It won't go out of style in 20 years. The décor is all outside, with the changing of the seasons."

Truly, you almost have to look closely to notice the details.

In the kitchen, Italian ceramic tile blends silver, gold and copper tones to match just about anything, and the birch cabinetry supports both a stainless steel countertop on the island, as well as a cobalt blue silestone quartz, with just a hint of sparkle, on the rest of the countertops. The quartz also returns on the fireplace hearth.

"It's shockingly neutral," DelRae said. "Who would have thought a cobalt blue would be neutral? But, it is."

DelRae admitted she'd like to do more cooking than she does, but said she designed the kitchen to accommodate lots of relatives in the space at once.

In the main living space, the details are in the accessories -- an intricately carved coffee table from Belize, a Tiffany lamp, and a grand piano that no one plays -- yet.

"That's on my bucket list," DelRae said.

Near Jack's "catch-all" office is a wall of protected shelves for his collection of crystal -- something DelRae said isn't exactly her style, but is still beautiful to showcase.

Off the main living space, the end of the hallway features plenty of built-in shelves, used to display a plethora of family photos and stacks of albums.

A bedroom and three-quarter bath is off the hallway, as well as the master suite. The king size bed, with more floor-to-ceiling shelves as the headboard, is covered with a quilt that DelRae designed herself.

"It's very bohemian," she said. "I have almost gaudy impulses -- I joke that a gypsy threw up on the bed."

Around the corner is a large walk-in closet and a spacious master bath, with the laundry facilities built into one of the walls.

The tile work in the master bath is unique, too. Black tile on the floor have a sparkly sheen -- DelRae said they reminded her of the shimmery seats on Glastron boats -- and the accent tiles in the walk-in shower have a bit of a colorful gleam to them as well.

"I had to get my glitter in there somewhere," DelRae joked.

Although bits of DelRae's pizzazz find their way into everything at the main house, the décor in the guest quarters, above the detached garage, is vastly different.

Dubbed the "Pittsburgh House," since Jack is from Pittsburgh, the space has two small bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchenette.

Pittsburgh pride is everywhere: There's an autographed photo of Pittsburgh Penguins player Sidney Crosby at the most recent Stanley Cup; an afghan with the Pittsburgh skyline stitched-in draped over the couch; and clippings of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette framed and hung along one wall.

They've also embraced the color scheme that came with the space -- including the brown and teal geometric-patterned carpeting.

"The style is funky and we know it," DelRae said with a laugh. "We embrace it."

She said it doesn't get used often, "but when we need it, it's invaluable."

It seems Jack knew a good property when he saw it years ago, and with modern renovations, the home stays true to it's 70s roots while embracing the great outdoors -- like the bay where DelRae said they've played broomball matches with their neighbors, the Schultzs, or where a group of deer have come to call home.

"They've gotten tamer and tamer through the years," she said. "I think word got out that it's safe here."