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HERO fills healthcare needs in record numbers

Project HERO (Healthcare Equipment Recycling Organization) has seen record numbers for requested medical equipment and supplies by individuals in Fargo, Moorhead and around the region.

With a 79 percent increase in local use over 2008, HERO has become a building block for health in our community and the tri-state area.

This past week, HERO surpassed the September 2008 listing by filling more than 124 healthcare material requests and waived over $1800 in handling fees. As a result of HERO's mission, thousands of people have received medical items to help improve their quality of life. HERO collects and redistributes donated healthcare materials to benefit those in need.

With a year to date total of over 1,200 local community members seeking life altering health care equipment and supplies, HERO has become a staple in providing the resources needed to live healthy and independently.

With rising healthcare costs, an aging population, limited low cost medical equipment and supplies and an estimated 46.3 million uninsured Americans (U.S. Census Bureau, September 2009), HERO is one of few organizations addressing the need for affordable medical equipment and supplies.