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LP-A students attend Fall Rally

Jessica Larson, at right, on left, and Sarah Johnson were named Lake Park-Audubon Region 6 officers.1 / 2
FCCLA members from the Lake Park-Audubon chapter attended the Region 6 Fall Rally at the Detroit Lakes Community and Cultural Center earlier this month.2 / 2

Twenty-eight FCCLA members from the Lake Park Audubon chapter attended the Region 6 Fall Rally at the Detroit Lakes Community and Technical College on Thursday, Oct. 1.

A total of 160 members and their advisors from Region 6 attended the yearly event. Key-note speaker Officer Andy Schmidt from the Minnesota Highway Department spoke to the students about driving distractions such as text-messaging, multiple passengers, eating in the vehicle and lack of driving experience all contributing to teen drivers as having the highest traffic crashes of any licensed driver age group.

The LP-A chapter will continue to support the FACTS-Families Acting for Community and Traffic Safety program as it enters the second year of implementation and support from the state level.

In addition, students were able to attend five different round table lessons on FCCLA activities and programs, such as the implementation of a new state program funded by a grant from General Mills to encourage nutrition and activity lessons from high school mentors to elementary students called "Student Body."

FCCLA-Family Career and Community Leaders of America is a Career and Technical Student organization supported by the Carl Perkins Federal Authorization Act. FCCLA supports the classroom curriculum for Family and Consumer Science.

For more information on FCCLA activities contact LPA advisor Cheryl J. Hogie.