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Franken says health-care debate will be tough battle

Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., said a 60-vote fillubuster-proof vote is absolutely necessary to move health-care reform forward.

Democrats face a very tough road in building support for the public option in the senate.

The public option allows states to opt-out - and that's a provision aimed at attracting moderates - as Senate republicans try to block the bill from even coming to a debate.

Franken, who backs the public option, said it's going to be a tough battle but he's looking foward to the health-care debate.

The senator, who appeared on The Morning Buzz today on WDAY AM 970, also says he does not believe the public option will be tied to medicare reimbursement rates - something North Dakota's congressional delegation doesn't support.

But if it does he says those rates will be changed to level the playing field for states like North Dakota and Minnesota.