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Builders Assocation helps with soccer building

Lake region Builders Association's community project included helping with the new Detroit Lakes soccer concession and bathroom building.

The Lake Region Builders Associations' Community Project for 2009 was to epoxy the walls and floors of the new soccer bathroom/concession stand.

The first snow fall of the season caused a few problems because of the cold, but it is one step closer to being completed. Epoxy kits were purchased for cost from Crane Johnson Lumber, Perham, door paint donated by Color-Tek, Inc. and all labor was contributed from the following people.

Miscellaneous supplies donated by Pro Build.

Mike Eidenschink -- B & M Electric

Greg Neisen -- Crane Johnson Lumber, Perham

Kim Kienitz -- Don Tietz Construction

Mike Hough -- Hough, Inc.

Ross Gailfus -- Schiller Insurance

Francis Genereux -- Francis Genereux Construction, Dent

Dave Francis -- Francis Construction

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Dan Neisen worked for his community project with the Boy Scouts.

The concession stand has been a goal for Mike and Brenda Eidenschink for the soccer teams for some time. Soccer board members provided food for the workers.