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MDA livestock investment grant application deadline is Nov. 30

Minnesota livestock producers have until November 30 to apply for a Livestock Investment Grant through the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA).

Qualifying producers would be reimbursed ten percent of the first $500,000 of investment toward improving or expanding their livestock operations. A minimum investment of $4,000 is required.

Qualifying expenditures include the purchase, construction or improvement of buildings or facilities for the production of livestock, and the purchase of fencing as well as feeding and waste management equipment.

Improvements made since January 1 of this year are eligible for consideration. The grant will not pay for the cost of purchasing livestock, real estate or the cost of debt refinancing.

Grant evaluators will give special consideration to producers who experienced a natural disaster or unintended consequences (i.e. fire, accident, illness or expenditures as a result of the Bovine Tuberculosis split-state requirements).

Minnesota livestock producers who applied for but did not receive a grant last year will not have to reapply to be considered for the 2009 program. Those who received grants will need to apply again to be eligible for consideration.

More information on the Minnesota Livestock Investment Program can be found on the MDA website at