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NDSU president to leave office Nov. 30; month earlier than planned

FARGO -- North Dakota State University President Joseph Chapman will step down from that role Nov. 30, more than a month earlier than the Jan. 2 depature date he indicated in his October resignation letter to the state board of higher education.

The new departure date was laid out in a Friday campuswide e-mail sent from the university relations office. It is unclear whose decision it was for Nov. 30 to be Chapman's last day as president.

Richard Hanson, president of Waldorf College in Forest City, Iowa, will become NDSU's interim president on Dec. 1 and remain in that role until a new president is chosen by the state board of higher education.

Chapman gave notice of his resignation in October after questions arose from reporting about the president's questionable discretionary spending patterns and overruns on the new president's home more than doubled the cost of the home's original approval limits.