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Superior, Wis., police capture exotic bird

SUPERIOR, Wis. - First was the goat captured at the Superior waste treatment plant last month, and now Superior Police Sgt. Dan Hawkin reports police have captured what they believe to be a Chinese pheasant.

Hawkin said a railroad crew under a viaduct spotted the bird about 5:30 p.m. Monday. It was shaped like a pheasant but it had a bright, gold head and iridescent blue and red feathers on its back.

Hawkin says a couple of officers corralled the bird with their jackets, and then one chased it along a wall until he could grab it by the feet.

"I tell you it was gorgeous when it got a little bit excited and its feathers stood out," Hawkin said.

Police handed the bird over to the raptor society, where a volunteer said she didn't think it would have survived the night.

Police are seeking information about the bird's owner.

In December, an escaped goat was captured at the Superior Waste Treatment Plant and police were called in to help capture it.

The goat, which had a broken rope around its neck, had been reported loose in Superior for about a day.