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MN Grown Program looking for members

Membership in the Minnesota Grown Program is one of the best deals in town and Minnesota growers are urged to sign up now.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) invites producers to join the more than 1,000 members who use the program to promote their locally grown farm products. Minnesota Grown is open to farmers, ranchers, farmers' markets, community supported agriculture (CSA) farms, meat markets selling local meats, and local nurseries and garden centers.

A $20 annual fee gives members access to free merchandizing materials such as price cards, posters and stickers featuring the Minnesota Grown logo, as well as other tools designed to help differentiate their products from others that are not locally grown. These free merchandising materials may be shared with retailers. Producers who also sell direct to the consumer may list their products in the popular Minnesota Grown Directory for an additional $40.

Growers can register and pay online at, or call 651-201-6469.