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Detroit Lakes acts on new veterans park

Detroit Lakes City Hall was filled with Becker County veterans Tuesday night, asking for land approval for a park. They got it.

The city agreed to .8 acre of land in the crescent development area between where the former Mac's building stands (which will be torn down) and near Burger Time. The veterans will raise funds to pay for the items in the park -- a monument, benches and such -- and the city will maintain it as city property.

The city also agreed to donate $2,500 from the city's liquor fund to hire a landscape architect to design the park area. The veterans have a sizable monument and the smaller monuments that stood on the lawn at the county court house before the expansion to locate in the new park.

One of the lead veterans on the project, George Peters, thanked the council and city staff at the city council meeting for all the meetings and work that has been put into the park thus far, even though "we still aren't in total agreement."

He specifically thanked Public Works Director Brad Green and City Administrator Bob Louiseau for their work.

He ask thanked Community Development Director Larry Remmen for pointing out at a meeting that the veterans want to build a memorial, not a cemetery or a place to mourn, but rather a place to honor those who have served.

He thanked the council for their consideration, but also reminded them, "we are not building an amusement park; we are building a memorial."

The veterans are selling pavers, which will be located in the park, that have veterans' names engraved in them and what branch they served in. Brochures with details on the pavers are available from veterans, in the Chamber of Commerce and at the veterans office in the court house.