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Adult Basic Ed moves to M-State

Helping students connect more is key for the Adult Basic Education, and now it's even easier to do so.

The ABE has moved from the Lincoln Education Center to the Minnesota State Community and Technical College Detroit Lakes campus.

"The primary reason is we want to transition our students into college," Coordinator Kathy Simison said. "We can really do everything here."

While the ABE is known for helping people get their GED, it also offers several other services. ABE helps students prepare for the Accuplacer test at the college, English as a Second Language, and they offer pre-CNA and pre-nursing classes for free in conjunction with the college.

Moving into the college over the Christmas break, the offices are located in room E103, and across the hall, room E102, is the classroom. Staffer Amy Fish still has her office in the college as well.

The move was also beneficial because of the "more adult environment" it provides.

Since students vary in age, the move will also help them "become comfortable in this post secondary setting."

Because of the recession and more and more people being laid off, people who have had the same job for 30 years, they are finding they need to get their GEDs because it's hard to find a job without at least a high school diploma.

"It opens up even more opportunities," Simison said. "It's all about the students and how we can benefit them."

She added that being located in the college, there are more resources to direct students toward a career.

"We can really do everything here," she said. "There is not an age limit when getting a GED. We welcome everyone."

Plus, there are more mentors available within the college.

There is no typical GED student either.

"They just need a good attitude and to show up for class. Everyone is in charge of their own destiny. It's no different for the GED."

Although the office has moved, "We are still a part of the school district and we're very proud of that. We represent that partnership," Simison said.

Community education classes are still located in the Lincoln building, and the actual GED testing is still done in the Lincoln Education Center as well.

Simison said the ABE office works closely with the Area Learning Center, as they are both a part of the school system.

"Our focus is the keep students in school," but the ABE is a good alternative option to those that don't finish high school. "We're not replacing high school, that's not it at all."

The pre-CNA class is taking place in April or May (no date has been set yet) and the pre-nursing class begins March 1, so register now. The pre-nursing class is 5:30 to 9 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays.

Simison said the class is a "good foundation" for any nursing program and can even determine if nursing is the career field the student wants.

There are also online GED classes available.

"We're here every day. We always have time to help students."

They take appointments and walk-ins.

"Consistency and dedication of coming to class" are what's needed to succeed, she said.

Offices hours are Monday-Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The new phone number is 844-5760.