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Corner of NDSU's Minard Hall must be demolished

GRAND FORKS - The northwest corner of Minard Hall will need to be demolished, North Dakota State University President Dick Hanson said today.

Soil samples indicate the corner that collapsed Dec. 27 cannot be saved.

"They're very bad," Hanson said today prior to a meeting of the state Board of Higher Education. "That corner is going to have to go."

The soil samples for the northeast portion of Minard indicate it is stable, he said.

The demolition is expected to be contained to the portion that collapsed, which officials have designated the red zone.

"It's not huge square footage, but it will definitely change everything," he said.

Hanson plans to update the board today on the situation.

Today's meeting is just getting under way, and the board is currently discussing the future of the Univerisity of North Dakota Sioux nickname.