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Fifth grader from California seeks postcards from state residents

Fifth grader Alysa Barbee of Ripon Christian Elementary School in Ripon, Calif., has a request.

"I have adopted your state as a class project. I will be doing a report and making a display about Minnesota. Towards the end of April or beginning of May my class will be having a 'State Fair.' I will display and show everything that I have gotten and learned about your great state to my whole school."

What Barbee needs is for anyone willing to send her postcards from Minnesota, maps, brochures, information about wildlife, industry, neat places to visit, statistics, sports teams and any other information and items deemed helpful.

Items can be sent to Alysa Barbee at Mrs. Terpstra's Class, Ripon Christian School, 217 N. Maple Avenue, Ripon, CA 95366.