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White Earth Reservation Tribal Council certifies candidates

The White Earth Reservation Tribal Council has certified the individuals listed below and has found them eligible to run for office. Their names will be placed on the ballot for the March 30, 2010 White Earth Primary Election.

Position: Secretary-Treasurer

Robert J. Durant

Michael Stink Bevins

Henry G. Fox

Diana King

Teresa St. Clair

Eugene "Bugger" McArthur

Marvin "Moss" Tibbetts

Tara Mason

Barb Fabre

Position: District I Representative

Irene "Rene" Auginaush (Incumbent)

Steven (Punky) Clark

Position: District II Representative

Terrence "Terry" Tibbetts (Incumbent)

Patrick Scott Sr.

Kenneth M. Coleman Jr.

Rena Henry Vizenor

Darrell "Boone" Wadena

Charlotte (Char) Lee