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Higher gasoline prices about to hit Minnesota?

Increasing wholesale prices this week has led to a major price hike, initiated by Speedway/Super America today.

According to a news release from Minnesota gas, Speedway has just set the price for a gallon of regular self-serve gasoline to $2.59 in Michigan, as much as $2.65 in Indiana, $2.55 in Ohio, and $2.65 in Minnesota.

Thanks to Speedway/Super America's large presence in these areas, motorists should expect gasoline prices to climb quickly in these areas to the prices listed above, depending on state. For some gas stations, this will mean raising prices as much as 30-cents per gallon compared to yesterday's prices.

Wholesale costs increased as much 12-cents in areas of the Midwest on Tuesday after the U.S. dollar weakened against other currencies, and key manufacturing indexes rose, perhaps signaling a strengthening U.S. economy, bolstering fuel demand. While inventories of gasoline in the Midwest remain high, it wasn't enough to stop the concern of higher demand.