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BC Cancer Society selling daffodils

A new season of hope is arriving in Becker County, thanks to the American Cancer Society Daffodil Days.

Volunteers throughout the area will distribute thousands of fresh daffodils to homes, offices, hospitals and churches. The American Cancer Society Daffodil Days have been bringing the first flower of spring -- the flower of hope -- to thousands of local residents since 1973.

But it is about more than just giving beautiful flowers; it is Becker County's chance to fight back against cancer. Best of all, there's still time for anyone to get involved; daffodils are still available, and each bouquet donation makes a difference in the fight against cancer.

"Our community is making a difference against cancer, one daffodil at a time," says Dorothy Poffenberger, Becker County Daffodil Days volunteer. "Thanks to the overwhelming support we have received for Daffodil Days, the American Cancer Society is helping people facing cancer, saving lives, and empowering all of us to fight back against the disease. We are sharing hope and making meaningful strides against the disease."

Flowers are being pre-sold by volunteers throughout the area. If you want to pre-order your daffodils, and have not yet been contacted by a volunteer, please call Lori Bachmann 847-4725. For a $10 donation, you can get a bunch of 10 beautiful flowers -- proceeds support the American Cancer Society.

The popular mini-daffodils can be re-planted, and are available for $15.

For a $25 donation, Gift of Hope bouquets or bears will be delivered to cancer patients in Becker County. As an anonymous gift, these bouquets or bears bring hope to those fighting this dreaded disease.

This year also features Birthdays R. Hope, a special Boyds Bear designed exclusively for the American Cancer Society's Daffodil Days Bear and a Bunch that can be ordered for a donation of $25.

There will be a limited number of daffodils (bunches only) available at Central Market the week of March 15.

In addition, area companies give monetary donations to help underwrite the cost of the flowers. Their names will be printed on the care cards included with each bunch of daffodils purchased in the county.

Having cancer is hard. Finding help shouldn't be. As a nationwide organization, the American Cancer Society helps everyone facing the disease, when and where they need assistance. Dollars raised through Daffodil Days are providing hope to people in the Becker County.

For cancer information, day-to-day help, or emotional support, call 1-800-227-2345 or visit