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We likely haven't seen the last of really cold temperatures

This winter is getting on in age, but it clearly is not yet dead.

March and April are usually good for a snowstorm or two or three. And we all know there will be numerous days of raw, windy weather. But have we seen the last of the really cold temperatures? Not likely.

Last year, it got to 15 below on March 1, 13 below on March 11, and 17 below on March 12. In 2008, the temperature reached 14 below on March 6, and 19 below the next morning.

But in other years, such as 2006, there were no subzero temperatures recorded in March.

In the historical record, the temperatures of 34 below on March 10, 1948, and 32 below on March 15, 1897, stand out, as does the 20 below reading on March 20, 1882. Most of the very cold March temperatures on the record happened in conjunction with deep snow cover, which we certainly have this year.