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Suicide: Family's tragedy inspires 5K walk

Ricky Carrillo was an 18-year-old young man from Rothsay, who was only a month away from graduation and the beginning of a very bright future.

He had a passion for sports, particularly baseball, and a quick witted sense of humor that could make anyone break out in laughter. He had a fun-loving personality, and he was an honor-roll student.

What very few knew was that Ricky was not only planning for his future, but was fighting to believe he had a future. Behind that happy, smiling face and carefree personality, Ricky was battling depression. He lost his battle, alone, on the night of April 19, 2009. He left family, friends and a community in shock and devastation.

Since Ricky passed away, we have learned that Ricky really wasn't alone in his battle. The friends and family of Ricky Carrillo is hosting the first annual "Shatter the Silence" 5K walk on July 10 to raise money for psychiatric disorders and suicide awareness and prevention. Information will be accessible on the City of Rothsay's Web site at