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Humane society names volunteers

Linda Martinson and Lanae Kostecky were named as Volunteers of the Month for February at the Humane Society of the Lakes.

Linda Martinson and her husband became members of Humane Society of the Lakes in 1989. As years went on she became very involved. In the 1990s, she took over as the person to take in animals, place in our foster homes, maintain records, adoptions, etc. She also became very involved in Petcetra for several years.

They also started monthly adoptions at Becker Pet & Garden during the summer plus fostered a few pets. They occasionally help by taking pets to PetSmart for adoption days and a few other humane society events. They also contribute to the spay and neuter program.

Over the years, they have had many pets: dogs, cats and a horse. Toots the cat is their only pet right now. This cat came in and had nowhere to go, so they fostered and then adopted her. They have a son who is in law enforcement and three grandchildren. Their son was a K-9 officer at one time. A few years ago, Zeus had to be put to sleep, so when Dan and his family were visiting, they went out to the shelter to look for another dog. They found and adopted Lily from HSL.

Her sister, LaNae Kostecky, and her husband, Tony, moved back to DL in 2005.

At that time, the Martinsons had one last cat that needed a home. The Kosteckys adopted her and another cat from HSL. They now have two dogs and two cats. Over the years they have always had cats and dogs and at one time pet ducks and chickens.

They have one son and four grandchildren who live in Gretna, La. Their son is also an animal lover and has adopted a dog.

For the past two years, LaNae and Linda go to the shelter on Mondays to do what they call 'housecleaning.' While there, they enjoy all the animals. Occasionally, they take one of the small pups out to spend time with them while they clean. They are so grateful to have a shelter because so many animals have been saved and adopted.