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Help build an addition for officer Dewey

Former Mahnomen County Deputy Chris Dewey is back home again and in need of improved living arrangements.

Chris Dewey and his wife, Emily, are back in Minnesota and are in need of some house renovations.

The Mahnomen County deputy was shot just over a year ago in the line of duty, and has been in Colorado at Craig Hospital undergoing intensive rehabilitation.

On Chris' Caringbridge site, Emily posted March 2 that they have been back in Minnesota for about a week and that Chris is doing well.

"One of the issues I've been struggling with is finding a home for Christopher," she posted.

The couple had been renting a home in Mahnomen County, and being unemployed with Chris unable to work, she said no bank would give them a loan for a house. So, they have moved into her parents' house.

"After much prayer and contemplation, I've decided to take my parents up on their offer to remodel their house and help me care for Chris," she said. "I don't want to burden them with this, but they love Chris too, and are willing to create a loving, home environment for both of us. As much as it kills me, at 25, to live with my parents, it is the best solution to providing for Chris."

Now they need to do some remodeling for the house to be fully accessible for Chris and his needs. She said that they are talking about an addition to the house, but funding is a hurdle.

"Any advice on either funding or building would be greatly appreciated," she said.

That's where her friends have stepped in. A Facebook page has been created to get support and the family has been nominated for "Extreme Makeover" Home Edition."

The site has over 36,700 fans and encourages everyone to contact ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" directly and show support for the Deweys.

With the word of the Facebook page and nomination, the following continuously grows. The number of fans online jumped from 28,000 to just under 36,700 in about 24 hours.

"I have been following every story that Emily and family has posted on the Caring Bridge website from Day 1. Chris and Emily deserve this opportunity to get an Extreme Home makeover and then some," Brad Riggle posted to the Facebook page.

James Trantina posted, "Our families thoughts and prayers are with you guys! Way to stay strong! We would love to come help build this one as well. We helped with the two in the cities, this one would mean more to us!"

"I can't think of a more deserving cause for 'Extreme Makeover,'" Kathy Carbno posted.

Jen Olson Lehman posted, "I sure hope this happens, I've written ABC on behalf of the entire law enforcement training department at Hibbing Community College!"

Cindy Mclean posted, "Praying that ABC hears all our voices and does this for this brave man and his family. No one deserves it more!"

Clearly the support shows in the numbers and posts.

"I believe that there is a purpose and plan for each of us, and Chris and I are no different," Emily said on the Caringbridge site.