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LP-A to host kindergarten round-up

Lake Park-Audubon Kindergarten Round-up will take place on Friday, March 26, in the elementary school, Audubon.

Joan Lunde, Laurie Mattson and Rachael Johnson will not hold class with their regular kindergartners on that day so that they can welcome the kindergartners and their parents for the 2010-2011 school year.

Information is gathered from the parents and time is given to complete registration materials. Both children and parents have an opportunity to become acclimated to the building and the teachers. Short assessments are given to determine readiness for kindergarten, and parents can be given ideas about how they can make their child's school experience successful.

A kindergarten handbook is distributed which can help parents and children get ready for school. Questions can also be answered about school procedures, organizations, and curriculum.

Kindergarten is a very important year in a child's life. It is a place to grow. The change from home to school is a tremendous one, and it may be the first experience for many children to spend an extended period of time away from home.

Some children have had the head start experience and others may have attended ECFE classes, but kindergarten remains a very important step in the life of a child.

Lake Park-Audubon offers an all day, every program for all children free of charge to all parents. This program has been going for several years in the district with excellent results and positive perceptions from both parents and children. A few parents still choose to send their children three days a week, and this can work well for some parents that can stay at home with their children.

Both parents and teachers want the school experience to be happy, exciting and successful. This goal can be achieved through a close cooperation between home and school. A mutual understanding of the joys and challenges that may be involved in the education of children is important to develop.

Parents of kindergarten-aged children in the district have been sent information with a time scheduled for their child's roundup.

If there are any questions about the roundup, or programs offered at LPA, please contact the elementary office at 439-3301.