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Nearly 3,000 cast vote in WE tribal primary

WHITE EARTH TRIBAL SECRETARY/TREASURER CANDIDATE Robert J. Durant gets a hug from his wife, LuAnn, after it became apparent he received the second highest number of votes -- 17.89 percent in Tuesday's primary election.

Almost 100 people sat in the Golden Eagle Bingo Hall in Mahnomen Tuesday night to find out who will advance to the White Earth Tribal general election in June.

And nearly 3,000 voted in the primary election that has three seats up for grabs.

Eugene "Bugger" McArthur received the most votes -- 21 percent -- in the run for secretary/treasurer, while Robert J. Durant came in second with 17 percent of the votes.

In the run for District II representative, Terrence "Terry" Tibbetts Sr. will advance with 44 percent of the votes. Kenneth M. Coleman Jr. received the second most votes with 24 percent.

The two who ran for District I representative in the primary -- Steven "Punky" Clark and incumbent Irene "Rene" Auginaush -- will automatically advance to the general election.

Here are the rest of the unofficial election results:

Secretary/treasurer: Michael "Stink" Bevins: 4 percent; Henry G. Fox: 14 percent; Diana King: 2 percent; Teresa St. Clair: 3 percent; Marvin "Moss" Tibbetts: 11 percent; Tara Mason: 14 percent; and Barb Fabre: 9 percent.

District II representative: Patrick Scott Sr.: 1 percent; Rena Henry Vizenor: 9 percent; Darrell "Boone" Wadena: 15 percent; and Charlotte "Char" Lee: 4 percent.

The general election is set for June 8.

Brian Basham contributed to this report.