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Roosevelt students make quilts to donate

Second and third grade students at Roosevelt Elementary School in Detroit Lakes helped construct two quilts that will be hand delivered to children in need. Each student drew pictures of happiness on a quilt block.

Because of her career as the Elementary Spanish program teacher and because of her passion for quilting, Detroit Lakes teacher Pat Link is introducing her students to bringing a smile to those less fortunate.

Through Cultural Collaborative, Amy Tervola Hultberg's second/third grade combo class made two quilts that will be sent to those in need.

Those that participated include Tanner Alger, Harley Barthel, Gabriel Bellefeuille, Hannah Bunnell, Hunter Burnside, Brandon Carpentier, Jackson Fields, Fabyon Greer, Emily Harstad, Keith Hill, Austin Hultin, Jessica Jenson, Heaven Larson, Maxwell McDougall, Ashley Muhlenkort, Liliana Nolan, Sheyenne Norberg, Tanner Olson, Christian Omdahl, Hannah Rose, Caleb Tangen and Taylor Tucker.

Each student was given a block of fabric and fabric markers to draw a picture of hope that would make someone else happy. Those drew smiley faces, rainbows, a butterfly, flower, fish, sailboat, family and more.

They then all got to experience sewing on a machine to piece the quilt together, and they got to iron the pieces as well.

They also wrote a letter to the recipients of the quilts, which are being translated into Spanish.

Besides the quilts, the group also held a bake sale and raised $174. The money was used for materials, shipping the quilts and the remainder will be donated to some program, one they haven't decided on yet. But students got to learn about paying bills -- materials for the quilts -- what profit is, and they got to count and add up the money they made at the sale.

Once the quilts are sent off, they will be hand delivered to the recipients, and Tervola Hultberg said the students will likely receive a letter and picture of those who received the quilts, giving the Roosevelt Elementary students a final connection to their good deed.