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Audubon boy helps save life

A pre-schooler from Audubon played a vital role in saving an 11-year-old boy's life.

Satchel McDonald was playing outside near the school when he saw Scott Meacham having an asthma attack -- he couldn't get up or yell for help.

The 5-year-old didn't panic, instead he ran to his house across the street, grabbed his mother, Elysia, who then called for help.

"When I found him he was laying face down and kind of clutching the grass and coughing and coughing and couldn't catch his breath," she said of Meacham.

The incident happened last Wednesday, and since then, Satchel has been called the hero of his neighborhood. But his mom said every time someone credits him for what he's done, "he just smiles. He's very humble about it."

Satchel said he was just doing the right thing and what he's learned in church - that God says to help one another.

Meacham couldn't be reached for comment but KVLY TV of Fargo reported he was rushed to the emergency room for treatment and is recovering at home.