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Rural Advantage seeking cover crop acres

Rural Advantage, in partnership with Practical Farmers of Iowa, is seeking agricultural producers interested in utilizing cover crops. Cost-share dollars are available.

Cover crops are capable of providing multiple benefits when placed on the landscape.  These benefits include:  increased water quality, decreased soil erosion, increased carbon sequestration/soil organic matter, and increased soil nutrients.

Common cover crops for Minnesota include:  annual rye, oats, winter wheat, and field pea.  Research is currently being conducted in Minnesota on aerial seeding of annual rye into corn fields in late August to early September.  What is more commonly seen are producers utilizing cover crops after canning crop harvest or silage harvest as well as in other cropping systems.

Rural Advantage is seeking farmers willing to establish cover crops. Funding is available for up to $20 per acre for up to 20 acres ($400 maximum per farm). Participating farmers may plant the cover crop of their desire, but must be willing to be a field day site if applicable.

The sites will need to be research and demonstration related and simple reporting will be necessary. Funding for the project runs through fall 2012.

For more information, please contact Jill Sackett, Extension Educator, at the Rural Advantage office, 507-238-5449 or