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Roosevelt third graders feed 832 kids

Third graders at Roosevelt Elementary School in Detroit Lakes have been saving money to help feed children in need through the Feed My Starving Children program. They earned enough money to feed 832 children in Haiti.

This past Thanksgiving, the students at Roosevelt wanted to make a difference and not forget about the "giving" part of Thanksgiving.

They began a Service-Learning Project to help the starving children of Haiti. They began a fundraising effort to support Feed My Starving Children, a non-profit organization that feeds hungry children in Haiti.

The project was based on earning quarters and filling as many M&M Minis jars as possible. However, we did not want our students begging for quarters from their families. This does not allow students to think and reflect on the purpose of the project.

Instead, students had to earn the quarters. Helping with chores around the house was the most common way for students to earn quarters. Many students vacuumed, brought the garbage out or made their beds in the morning.

We had this planned before the devastating Jan. 12 earthquake in Haiti. It rejuvenated many students when they learned about the disaster.

On the last week of school, students gathered all of their quarters. They earned enough money to feed 832 kids. This was a good lesson for students that you can make a difference in other people's lives and the process of doing it is very rewarding.

Participating classrooms were Liz VanDam, Keith Eckhoff, Rhonda Fode, DeAnna Baukol and Amy Tervola-Hultberg.