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DL makes top 10 list for boating sites

If the weather would cooperate, Detroit Lake could prove why it was chosen as one of the top 10 boating destinations in the United States.

The National Marine Manufacturers Association named Minnesota as one of the top 10 boating states based on annual sales.

From there, Discover Boating, a non-profit awareness program, has named Detroit Lake as the most affordable, must-visit boating destinations within the state.

"While the Top 10 states were determined by NMMA's 2009 sales data," said NMMA Public Relations Manager Sarah Ryser, "Discover Boating surveyed a network of boating experts and people who love life on the water to select a nautical hot spot within each of the 10 states."

The top 10 boating states, ranked in order of money spent on new powerboats, motors, trailers and accessories, are, according to a press release sent out by National Marine Manufacturers Association:

1. Florida ($1.2 billion)

Destination: Treasure Island -- A tropical community that's part of the Tampa Bay area is popular for cruising with the family and sportfishing the infamous Kingfish.

2. Texas ($906 million)

Destination: Lake Austin -- In the heart of Austin, Lake Austin offers an ideal setting to cruise, waterski, fish and be entertained with a plethora of restaurants and live music venues to dock at along the shore.

3. California ($417 million)

Destination: Big Bear Lake -- Cruising, sailing or waterskiing, Big Bear Lake, just 100 miles northeast of Los Angeles, offers something for every boater. Boats and equipment can be rented at one of the many marinas that dot this resort community's 23 miles of coastline.

4. North Carolina ($395 million)

Destination: Lake Norman -- Just north of Charlotte, Lake Norman is the largest man-made lake in the Carolinas at 34 miles long, boasting 520 miles of shoreline. This popular boating destination provides year-around water access with boating activities of all types for novices and experienced captains, plus chartered cruises for those just looking to take in the scenery.

5. New York ($381 million)

Destination: Lake Champlain -- Spanning 120 miles from Quebec to Whitehall, N.Y., Lake Champlain is renowned for its beautiful scenery and boating opportunities, particularly fishing -- named one of the top five bass fishing destinations in the U.S. by FLW Outdoors magazine.

6. Louisiana ($370 million)

Destination: Shreveport -- Straddling the Red River where watersports are plentiful, and adjacent to Cross Lake, which offers 13.4 miles of scenic cruising, excellent fishing and sailing, there's something for every outdoor enthusiast.

7. Washington ($339 million)

Destination: San Juan Islands -- The San Juan Islands, located in the northwest corner of Washington -- just 90 minutes north of Seattle, are like no other archipelago, boasting diverse natural beauty with rocky shores, sandy beaches, towering forests and sweeping grasslands. The 700-plus island chain is home to hundreds of anchorages and harbors and is perfect for boating because their waters are protected, tucked away behind Vancouver Island.

8. Delaware ($330 million)

Destination: Rehoboth Beach -- Rehoboth Beach has everything needed, whether interested in cruising, crabbing or clamming, waterskiing or fishing, the area offers a summer getaway perfect for the family.

9. Michigan ($317 million)

Destination: Traverse City -- With 181 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline and surrounded by 149 lakes that are 10 acres or larger, Traverse City is a hub for recreational boating, offering a variety of ideal settings for sailing, fishing, waterskiing or Great Lakes cruising.

10. Minnesota ($305 million)

Destination: Detroit Lakes -- With more than 400 lakes within a 25-mile radius, Detroit Lakes offers a summer vacation for every type of boater and plenty of family fun. An abundance of public boat launches, marinas and boat rentals, makes it easy to discover boating in Detroit Lakes.

"For each hot spot, we looked at proximity of navigable waterways, which also offer plenty of water access and launch ramps; have cruising, rental and charter options available; as well as, a variety of on-the-water activities," Ryser said.