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Indoor, outdoor markets

This summer, shoppers will have two choices for flea markets.

Shady Hollow, the outdoor market that has been open for 41 years, and SuLaine's Flea Market, which is new this month and will be located indoors.

Shady Hollow

Shady Hollow has been serving Detroit Lakes for 41 years, many of which have been under the ownership of Ardy Hanson. First as a vendor and then as part owner, Hanson said she's been a part of the flea market for all but 12 of those 41 years.

Started by Julia Nustad and nine other women from the Fargo-Moorhead area, they would only allow 10 vendors at one time. Now, there averages 145 vendors on opening weekend -- Memorial weekend -- and then 75 to 80 on the other summer Sundays.

Vendors sell anything from jewelry to clothing, artwork to food, antiques to furniture, books to home décor, flowers to toys.

"The year the gas went up, that first year, it changed. There weren't as many vendors that year," Hanson said of the changes over the years.

"Once they got conditioned to the higher prices though, it seemed they came more."

Hanson got involved when she and partner Monte Jones set up a booth to sell collectibles. Then they ran the flea market for six years for Julia, and then they purchased it from her when she retired.

Now, due to her age, Hanson said she's ready to sell the flea market, and it is up for sale. Right now, just through word of mouth.

The land, long before it was a flea market, was a vegetable farm, she said. Then Highway 59 was built, going through the middle of the land.

"When we came out here, there was hardly any parking," Hanson said. "Every day is was tough to find parking. It was so busy."

Now, on the three-day weekends, which happen three times throughout the summer, there is a potluck among the vendors.

Hanson said there are people who visit the flea market every Sunday throughout the summer.

"It's a fun place because people come out there and meet one another, have coffee, have an old-fashioned breakfast, and they like to just lollygag around a while."

SuLaine's Flea Market

If the name sounds familiar, that's because it is. Sue Petersen is also the owner of SuLaine's Antique Mall, located in front of the new Boys and Girls Club Thrift Store and More building, formerly Pamida.

The flea market location will be three miles east of Detroit Lakes in Highway 10, formerly the Tools & More building.

Peterson said last month that she plans to start with a 10,000 square foot space that she will lease for a year, and if it goes well, she will expand.

There will be space for at least 60 indoor vendors in addition to the outdoor area. Those interested in setting up at the market can either rent the space for the day, weekend or month.

SuLaine's has an advantage with the indoor space available, but she said she'll also be able to cooperate with Shady Hollow, exchanging vendors in case of rain or in case she runs out of room.

"The more businesses you have that compliment each other, you get more people coming to the area," Petersen said.

SuLaine's Flea Market is open weekends beginning May 8. The hours will be flexible depending on traffic but will be open at 7 a.m. all year long.