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Certified divers, hop in

When summer's heat becomes unbearable and you need a way to cool down, think deep down.

Every Saturday and Sunday through Labor Day weekend, Tri-State Diving will be leading Discovery Dives in area lakes.

"We're going to try to hit a different lake each time," certified Recreational Diving Instructor and Evaluator Gary Thompson said, adding that suggestions for diving locations are welcome.

Designed for divers who don't have a boat of their own or are visiting and unfamiliar with the area, Thompson has been taking divers on similar dive expeditions "forever."

"In this area we have some of the best freshwater diving in the world," Thompson said. "We have 420 lakes within 20 miles."

Discovery Dives are open to certified divers of any age. Anyone who is not certified but would like to try scuba is welcome to call Tri-State Diving and sign up for training sessions.

Divers should bring their own equipment if they have it; otherwise, rental equipment is available.

"It's a two-tank dive," Thompson said. "We'll dive, come up and have a pop and a snack in between, and then dive again."

Dive expeditions will take off from the dive center, located at 28300 Little Floyd Lake Road in Detroit Lakes. Groups will carpool to the week's lake, and then take a boat to the dive spot.

"We'll get a little briefing about what they might see down there," Thompson said, adding that they may glimpse various underwater artifacts.

This summer, anyone who wants to discover the mysteries of the area's deep won't have to hold his breath.

To sign up for a Discovery Dive or for more information, call Tri-State Diving at 847-4868.