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Officials suspect Circle of Life School vandalism is gang-related

The White Earth Circle of Life School was reportedly vandalized again, bringing the total reports to at least two in the last two weeks.

Superintendent Mitch Vogt reported another incident of graffiti damage to the school walls -- some of it is suspected to be gang-related.

"We see a lot of the letters 'WSM' and we don't know what they stand for," he said. "We're assuming that that is somehow tied in with gangs."

Other writing was used as a bullying method against some of the neighborhood kids.

"It's kinda picking on someone kinda thing," Vogt said.

He said most of the damage is standard spray paint on the outside walls and some on the inside of one of the campus buildings.

In addition to spray paint, the suspects "threw some things around" inside of the school, Vogt said, adding, "they got nothing else to do. They just wanna vandalize things and the school is a big area they can hide behind buildings."

School officials don't know how much the total damage will cost the district, but maintenance workers will have to work extra hours to clean up the mess.

The White Earth Tribal Police Department is investigating the incidents.