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Pine to Palm Double Eagles

The First: Sunday, Aug. 13, 1939 -- Neil Croonquist of Minneapolis, who used a driver from the tee and then hit a 2-iron into the cup on the 512-yard 14th hole in the championship match against Palmer Kise of Redwood Falls. Croonquist was down to Kise at the time and subsequently birdied the 15th hole, parred the 16th and birdied the 17th to post a 2 and 1 victory over Kise, who was the tournament medalist. (The 14th hole at the time is the present 1st hole at the Pine to Palm Course).

The Second: Friday, Aug. 13, 1948 -- Jim McDonald, Moorhead, used a driver and 4-wood to score double eagle on the 459-yard 18th hole while playing in a fifth flight match. Earlier in the year, McDonald aced the 8th hole at Detroit Lakes and that was the first hole-in-one of the year at the Detroit Country Club. Ed Wippler of Minneapolis won the fifth flight championship in 1948 and Lou Barle of Sauk Centre was the consolation winner.

The Third: Thursday, Aug. 9, 1956 -- Competing in the first flight, Pat Keeley of Grand Forks had a double eagle on the 459-yard 5th hole when he hit a driver and then a 4-iron. Keeley defeated Jack Thavis of Mankato in the match and then lost in the second round to John Mertzacker of Minneapolis.

The Fourth: Sunday, Aug. 15, 1965 -- George Lee of Humboldt, Ia., hit 2-iron, 2-iron for a deuce on the 455-yard 12th hole in the Pine to Palm championship semi-final round against Dave Hanten of Huron, S.D. Hanten, who won the 1964 Pine to Palm Tournament championship, rebounded to defeat Lee in the semi-final match and then lost in the title round to Kenny Pinns of Las Vegas, Nev.

The Fifth: Friday, Aug. 16, 1985 -- Marvin Schumacher of Lexington, Ky., hit a 4-iron from the tee and then hit a 5-iron into the cup from about 200 yards out on the 455-yard 12th hole. Schumacher went on to defeat Mark Fretland of Edina in the second-round match and then lost the next day to Mike Bloomberg of Sioux Falls, S.D.

The Sixth: Saturday, Aug. 15, 1987 -- Pat Herzog of Tulsa, Okla., who hit metal driver, metal driver in scoring a deuce on the 512-yard 1st hole in the championship quarter-final round against Rick Johnson of Moorhead. Herzog, winner of the Pine to Palm Tournament championship in 1984 and medalist three times (1983-84-86), defeated Johnson (by a score of 4 and 3) and then lost in the semi-finals on Sunday morning to Don Schweim of Mankato.

The Seventh: Thursday, August 10, 1989 -- Randy Burnside of Detroit Lakes, who hit a driver and a 2-iron in scoring a deuce on the 450-yard 12th hole in a first-round Pine Flight match. Burnside lost the match (1-down) to Rick Stitzer of Jamestown, N.D. Other witnesses to the double eagle included Jeff Jones of Eagan and Paul Haugen of Rochester.

The Eighth: Tuesday, August 8, 1995 -- Mark Halverson of Fargo, who hit driver and an 8-iron for a deuce on the 459-yard 5th hole during first-round qualifying play in the championship flight.

The Ninth: Friday, August 13, 1999 -- Bob Brink of Bemidji, a student at the University of Minnesota, hit driver, 4-iron and made deuce on the 459-yard 5th hole. He was playing a championship flight match against Don Neitzke of Wahpeton, ND, and won the match on the 19th hole. Also in the foursome were Andy Doeden and Richard Linnerooth, both of Fargo.

The Tenth: Sunday, August 17, 2003 -- Tim Fiechtner of Peoria, AZ, hit driver, 3 wood and made deuce on the 511-yard first hole in the championship consolation semi-final match against Jason Rudquist, also of Peoria, AZ. Fiechtner lost one match 2 and 1. In the group was Matt Nelson, caddy of Fiechtner.

The Eleventh: Saturday, August 16, 2008 -- Eric Galt made Pine to Palm history with his ace on the par 4, 286-yard seventh hole with a driver, which is also a double eagle.