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Stayed prison term, 90 days in jail for domestic assault

A White Earth man was sentenced last week in Becker County District Court on a felony charge of domestic assault.

Bradley James Weaver, 41, of Box 391, White Earth, was originally charged with two felony counts of domestic assault, but was acquitted of the second charge in a July 7 jury trial.

A 14-month prison sentence for Weaver was stayed on conditions including up to five years of supervised probation, 90 days in the Becker County Jail and payment of $590 in fines and public defender fees.

According to the criminal complaint, the charges stemmed from a Jan. 30 incident in which police officers were sent to a residence on Bear Clan Drive to investigate a reported assault. They found a woman with "a large amount of blood on her face and clothing." Weaver allegedly struck her several times after they got into an argument. The two were in a significant relationship.

The woman tried to flee the vehicle but he allegedly kept hitting her in the back of the head. She eventually got away and called 911. He ran into the house and locked the door. He was arrested after some resistance (he allegedly tried to hold the door shut to keep out officers).