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Hermanson is good to go with seven iron

Dean Hermanson

- Detroit Country Club surrendered six aces this spring and summer:

Mike Suckert, D.L. Middle School principal and member of the Pine to Palm committee aced the 174 yd 8th hole on April 3rd with a 6 iron.

On May 15th, Rick Kohler of Detroit Lakes placed his ball in the cup with a 6 iron on the 156 yard 14th hole. Ed Johnson of Pelican Rapids scored his ace on the 8th hole on June 22nd using his 4 iron. Bruce Parmer of Fargo had his hole in one on the 175 yd, 17th hole on July 10th with his 4 iron. Last Monday, Perry Piatz in his qualifying round in the Mid Amateur here at the Pine to Palm recorded his ace on the 8th hole.

Mark Holm, Head Professional at D.C.C., scored his ace on April lst on No. 14 using his No. 7 iron. Lakeview Golf Course across the street from D.C.C. had three aces: Ed Hartman of Detroit Lakes on the 125 yard 14th hole on June 2, with a wedge. Mark Williams of D.L. aced No. 16, 134 yards with his 9 iron on June 11th. The final ace came on July 27, by Beau Hanson on the 125-yard second hole on Lakeview with his 9 iron.

- Mark Mancell, playing in the Maud Flight in the Senior division had a routine par on the 8th hole yesterday. His drive went left, hit a tree and headed out of bounds. He took out his provisional ball and put it in the cup. It wasn't a hole in one but helped him win the hole in his match.

Dean Hermanson STORY:

Dean Hermanson, a 1965 graduate of Detroit Lakes H.S. is playing in his sixth Pine to Palm. He shot a 87 in Senior qualifying. Now the rest of the story, Hermanson played the entire 18 holes with one club, his six iron. His brother Ford, who owned the Ironman Golf Course gave Dean an ideal course for using just an iron. He stated that his scores at Lakeview Executive across the street from D.C.C. are usually around par. "I carry two balls, two tees and my towel. "I'm what you call a one iron-one man scramble." He lost his first match 4 & 3 yesterday to Vern Steimetz, a 32 year veteran of the P.P.