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Longevity rules on Pine to Palm Committee

The Pine to Palm Committee consists of 23 dedicated volunteers to make sure this very large & successful tournament runs smoothly during the seven day event.

Here is a list of these talented individuals in their varied responsibilities:

- Andy Lia: Media

(KDLM radio-1340 AM) - 38 yrs.

- Greg Potvin: Rules, Rutledge Award and 25-year dinner coordinator - 35 yrs.

- Steve Sundby: Ball Spotters - 31 yrs.

- Nancy Grabow: Scoreboard - 31 yrs.

- Gordy Grabow: General Chairman(10 yrs) & Scoreboard(20 yrs) - 31 yrs.

- Mark Larson: Media ("Tradition" magazine & "Spotlight" newspaper) & Long Drive Contest - 29 yrs.

- Bob Gorden: General Chairman & Rules - 21 yrs.

- Jim Bruflodt: Asst. Chairman & Playoff Umpire - 21 yrs.

- Mark Holm: Head Professional & Rules - 19 yrs

- Dave Woodward: Timing, pairing & scoring - 18 yrs.

- Bruce Woodland: Head Starter & Lakeview Tourney coordinator - 13 yrs.

- Bob Bekkerus: Club President - 11 yrs.

- Brian Wierima: Media (Detroit Lakes Newspapers Sports Editor, "Spotlight" newspaper and "Tradition" magazine -10 yrs.

- Dave Johnston: Technology Manager-Website & Timing, pairing & scoring - 10 yrs.

- Diane Gorden: Registration - 8 yrs.

- Taunia & Mike Suckert: Phone & information - 7 yrs.

- Mike Metelak:Rules 4 yrs

- Jeff Skogmo: Chief Ranger & Head Marshall 3 yrs

- Darwin Lindsey: Grounds Superintendent - 3 yrs.

- Karrin Hawkins: Timing, pairing & scoring - 3 yrs.

- Becky DePree: Timing, pairing & scoring - 3 yrs.

- Linda Moses: Rules - 2 yrs.

- Terry Moores III of River Falls, WI, formerly of St. Paul is back playing in the championship flight after a 34 year absence. Moores encouraged by his brother Scot to head to Detroit Lakes and enter the 78th Pine to Palm. In 1973 he lost to Bill VonWald in the fourth round. He was runner-up here in 1974, losing to Bill VonWald for the second time in the finals 1 up and also was medalist firing rounds of 72-67-139.

In 1976, he captured medalist honors for the second time here with rounds of 69-70-139. Now, 34 years later, Moores returns to the Pine to Palm and qualifies for championship flight with rounds of 73-74-147 but lost his first match to Sean Barrett of Mahtomedi 3 & 2. This put him in consolation championship and has won his first three matches as of today and he is in the consolation championship semi-final today.

Moores attended the University of Houston before transferring to the University of Minnesota. He was co-captain of the Gopher golf team with Joel Goldstrand and graduated in 1972. He is semi-retired and his business is in investment planning called Moore's Asset Management. A medalist twice at the Resorters. I asked him his favorite resort course and said, "the Pine to Palm by far". Being 56 years old, he could play in the Senior division but the way he is playing, says he plans to stick with the championship flight.