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Dvorak dominates long drive contest

Kavin Dvorak with his R7 Taylor made driver.

Kavin Dvorak of Bismarck, N.D., won the 18th Annual Pine to Palm Long Drive Contest Wednesday night with a drive of 320 yards using a R-7 Taylor Made driver.

Dvorak also earned third place honors with a drive of 313 yards. The contest was postponed from Tuesday night because of the heavy rain that hit D.C.C. around 5:30. Jeff Olson of Fargo finished second with a drive of 316 yards.

Dean Goodwin of Rosemount finished fourth with a poke of 312 yards and Collin Schifferman of Seattle, Wash., rounded out the top five with a drive of 310 yards.

Each golfer was allowed to hit up to six balls in the event. A total of 26 golfers competed in the long drive contest. Pine to Palm committee members included Bruce Woodland and Mark Larson, long drive coordinator. Jenna Schulte who works in the

D.C.C. Pro Shop measured the drives.