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Seven puppies abandoned at Crookston Humane Society

An animal shelter in Crookston is looking for a few good homes for six puppies that were dropped off during the night last week.

Tracey Janisch, shelter manager for the Humane Society of Polk County, said employees showing up for work Aug. 11 found a box that had been placed inside an outdoor kennel.

The box was covered in feces and worms, she said, and the seven puppies inside all had worms and ringworm.

"We've dealt with ringworm and worms before, but not this severely," Janisch said. "These puppies were literally covered from head to toe in ringworm."

Workers aren't quite sure about the breed of the puppies, but she said some look like labs and they're about seven weeks old. The runt of the litter weighed about 2 pounds when it showed up, and it passed away Tuesday afternoon.

But Janisch said she's hopeful the other dogs will be back to full health after treatment. The puppies already got their first dose of a de-wormer and will get a second dose next week.

And workers are giving daily care to the dogs to treat their ringworm. A veterinarian has said the puppies are now ready to be adopted, and the full treatment should be finished in the coming weeks.

"Once they're better, we're hoping that they can at least find homes," Janisch said.

She said the puppies "love being around people" and like getting attention from the workers and volunteers at the Humane Society.

Janisch also is hoping to figure out who dropped off the puppies. She said there is no legal action being considered because there aren't laws against dropping off an animal.

But she'd like to figure out the original owner, she said, because the mother of these puppies must have worms and ringworm and will need to get treatment to avoid medical problems.

For more information about the puppies, contact the Humane Society of Polk County at (218) 281-7225.