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The Scenic Side of Pine to Palm

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The 12th hole at the Detroit Country Club might be the most scenic hole on the course. Four of the five photos on this page were taken on the par five hole that works its way between two ponds with a fountain in one.5 / 5

With all the excitement that goes into the annual Pine to Palm tournament, it can be easy to forget all the time, money and effort it takes to make such an event run smoothly.

One job that is especially important during the tourney is that of Superintendent Darwin Lindsey, who manages the terrain of the Country Club.

As the man in charge of the mowing and maintenance of the golf course, Lindsey says that there is a certain degree of extra labor that goes into making the course even smoother than usual for Pine to Palm.

"It's a little bit more than what's normally done," Lindsey said.

"We mow at night and in the morning," Lindsey said, "so we mow twice a day instead of (the usual) once."

Also; "Tees get mowed every day, instead of three days a week."

The intensified mowing schedule -- though it makes the course much smoother for the competitors -- does require an alternate work schedule for some.

"We work at nights instead of in the mornings," Lindsey said.

Also, this year's humid atmosphere made the course slightly harder to maintain, though not terribly so.

"You get more disease with higher humidity," Lindsey noted. "I put a little more fungicide down, so we didn't get some disease moving in."

He added, though, that the amount of additional labor for the tourney is not excessive, since the Country Club is maintained to such a high standard all summer long.

Except for a few long days, Lindsey explained, "we keep the course the same all year."

Although it required some harder work and longer hours, Lindsey feels that his efforts have paid off.

"It seemed like everyone liked the course," he said.

"Overall, I thought it was a real good tournament."

And of course, the maintenance crew didn't hesitate to give themselves a much-deserved reward for their hard work.

"We took the next day off," Lindsey said with a laugh.