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Waubun insiders fill two new jobs

After a lot of shuffling, interviewing and hiring, Waubun-Ogema-White Earth teachers are ready to start the school year.

Two familiar faces will help take the lead in the Waubun high school transformation process that's federally funded to help improve student performance.

Former dean of students Tim Spaeth will take the role of the site administrative manager, and former business teacher Ann Wothe will be the turnaround school officer.

The two positions --funded by the $1.4 million School Improvement Grant (SIG) -- were only posted internally.

"We figured with a new principal coming on board and all the other new faces coming on board, we wanted to provide some consistency for the students," Superintendent Mitch Anderson said.

Spaeth's new duties will be similar to his old ones in addition to a few administrative jobs.

As the site administrative manager, he'll be responsible for handling parent communication, discipline and scheduling.

Anderson said the site administrative manager job was created under the SIG to help free up some of principal Mike Cary's time so that he could be more involved with the teachers and students in the classroom, as well as in data analysis and assessment testing.

As the turnaround school officer, Wothe will act as the liaison between the district and the Minnesota Department of Education -- keeping state officials in the loop on what's happening with the SIG and the transformation process.

Wothe's job title will also include assessment coordinator. She and current literacy coach/assessment coordinator Maggie Thompson will work on creating a data warehouse where all test information can be accessed by the teachers.

Wothe recently earned her principal licensure and is pursuing a superintendent license.

"With her background and her recent degree in administration, we thought she was a good fit for the turnaround school officer," Anderson said. "She's excellent with the data and scheduling."

Wothe's old position will be filled by Sandra Marr, also a licensed business teacher, while Marr's seventh and eighth grade reading classes will be replaced by Chris McArthur.

McArthur's junior high social studies job will be filled with a new teacher by Monday.

The district will also welcome five new junior high teachers in science, English, social studies and math, and two new teachers at the fifth and sixth grade levels.

Additionally, a new remedial math teacher and a paraprofessional for the math department were hired through SIG.

The entire staff will meet Monday for orientation before getting ready for a public open house Wednesday to be held from 3:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Ogema Elementary and Waubun Secondary.

"It's kind of exciting to see (new teachers) and their eagerness to get started," Anderson said.