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TEAM golf tournament raises $95,000

TEAM Industries started in the town of Cambridge, Minn., in 1967 by Don and Bea Ricke.

The newly created company started with a dream of bringing jobs to rural Minnesota. Forty-three years later, TEAM Industries is still bringing jobs to rural locations in each of its five facilities throughout Minnesota and one in Andrews, N.C.

TEAM Industries was also founded with the idea of giving a certain percentage of its earnings to charity and to the communities where their facilities are located. The main focus has been to increase the quality of life for children and for seniors, the two areas that Don and Bea believe needed the most support.

In 2003, the TEAM Foundation was created, focusing on charitable contributions in the areas of education, health care and the community. Through donations, they have contributed to Hospice, Palliative Rooms, Pediatric Intensive Care and children's x-ray machines. They were fundamental in establishing electronic patient records in hospitals and for their support for the "Meals on Wheels" programs.

The Foundation also has donated to school computer labs in Bagley, Cambridge and Audubon.

They have started "Project Lead the Way," which teaches engineering basics from the elementary level through high school, which helps students earn college credits towards their degree. Twelve years ago, the TEAM Foundation hosted its first charity golf tournament to help raise funds for their various charities.

This year on July 29, 220 golfers converged at the Lakeside Golf Course in Perham to participate in the annual TEAM Industries Golf Tournament. After registering for the event and having brunch, the golfers split into their respective 4-somes and took to the links for an afternoon of competition, camaraderie and fun, all in the name of charity.

A first for the annual TEAM Foundation Golf Tournament included an Appreciation Sponsor Bash, which took place the night before the tournament. Each supplier or vendor who sponsored a hole on the course with a donation of $1,000 or more was invited to a dinner and a ceremony in recognition of their charitable contribution, and they were presented with a plaque commemorating their generosity from the Foundation.

The annual TEAM Industries Golf Tournament generates on average between 30-45 percent of the annual yearly revenue for the TEAM Foundation. Debra Matthews, daughter of Don and Bea Ricke, says, "we have been really blessed with phenomenal results and I can't put my finger on why. I know that if my father could have been here, he would be running it. I hope we make him proud."

When the golf tournament was started in 1999, TEAM Industries raised $7,650 for charity. Since then, the tournament has raised approximately $760,000. This year, TEAM employees, suppliers and vendors managed to raise around $95,000 for the TEAM Foundation.

Judging by all the fun that was had on this beautiful July afternoon, and by all the great works that the TEAM Foundation contributes to throughout the year, the event was a success and the participants eagerly look forward to coming to next year's tournament.

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